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SWPC   Calendar Of Events

 2022 Shows and Dates
5th February 2022 -  Beginner Show
8am start         Judge: Laura Anderson

B show is a High Point Garland Show

Garlands have been kindly donated by Eleanor Gill.

6th February 2022 -  A & A Show
8am start         Judges: Debby Cameron & Peter Bellden


A/A High Point Show

Huge thank you to the following sponsors;

Leanne Bartlett

Annette Blakey

Kate ODea - Arrow park

Kerrie Shinkarenko

Tina Johnson

Kerry Ann Derksen

Chantelle Freckeltons - Chantelle's Creations

19th March 2022 -  Beginner Show
8am start         Judge: Gail Lowden
20th March 2022 -  A & A Show
8am start         Judges: Bob Sim & Shane Massingham
14th May 2022 -  Beginner Show
 15th May 2022 -  A & A Show
18th June 2022 -  Beginner Show
19th June 2022 -  A & A Show
1st October 2022 -  Beginner Show
2nd October 2022 -  A & A Show
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  *Shows are AQHA Approved
   Some shows are also PHAA and AAA



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